Saturday, January 06, 2018

Azure exam 70-532

OK, it was an interesting roller-coaster. It was a while since I took any Microsoft exams but I felt that I do not have enough exposure to the Azure architecture on a daily basis, so I decided that taking an exam might be the second best thing to the real field experience: the learning forced on you by the circumstances.
This was quite a brutal exam, probably the worst I ever had with the Microsoft, and here are the feelings:
The very good:
- It feels that while studying I did try every single button on the Azure Portal and tried to build, run, scale, monitor and program against almost all component, except selected third-party marketplace offerings (I have no immediate plans for them), AD sync (I did not have local AD to play with) and some preview features, like Cognitive Services or AI (I have special plans for those :) ;
The Good:
- The exam has touched all aspects of the current Azure platform;
- With the history of the  latest updates (March, October and December) it kind of shows the Microsoft's feelings towards one or another technology;
The Ugly:
- It was overly detailed, reminding (unpleasantly) the late 90-s VB exams, which tested memorizing of exact sequence of method parameters (kind of excusable for pre-Intellisense and pre-Google era);
The Bad:
- Some exam techniques seem questionable, like asking to memorize whole six screens of the test case before answering some questions from which you cannot return back and consult the requirements. What do you test? The memory?
- It contained bugs and glitches, which can't be new, because the affected questions test some old Azure offering. Does it mean that nobody really tests the testing question thoroughly?

But nevertheless...

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