Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Give it a name: taming a domain vocabulary

While comprehending a business problem it is a good idea for a scrupulous technologist to learn the language of locals (a.k.a. Subject Matter Experts or Those Who Do Business). It could be a ubiquitous Esperanto of "KPI ETA TBD ASAP" or more wordy (but not more descriptive) "partial amendment of the retroactive memo transfers". Surprisingly, a mutual exercise of assigning a short one-words names to operations or processes can shorten a requirement gathering and even make it fun: the business expert will be forced to look at daily activities from a new angle. Side effect: presentations (and meetings!) will shorten.
And the examples of what actually did work:
process of capture and input of the initial client data = client onboarding
partial amendment of the retroactive memo transfers = retro-partials

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