Sunday, January 27, 2013

You have no time

I intended to write a post about an evolution of "cool kids" in IT industry. You know: how they used to be - you could only be observing them from afar because what they did required far more knowledge and training than you had (like being an Olympic champion, voodoo master or writing Assembler-360 voice-recognition systems). And how they are still so far away now, doing what you don't dare, because you are too busy earning money, building your resume or indulging some time-consuming habits like muscle-growing or soap opera watching. 
Inspirational people from Toronto Code Retreat can show you that the other word can exists and cool kids are just around the corner. I am procrastinator and can account for a dozen of "what if" moments every year of my life. And it is OK if you have plenty of time ahead of you. Like if you are 7 years old. Right after that you get too old for this shit, you have no time. We have no time. We should be out there starting and failing new enterprises, being laughed at or patronized at user groups and enjoying every moment working with great people who are capable of amusing us every day.
So get up and do fun stuff. I will follow, I am just a bit tied up at the moment earning money and worrying about my diet.

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