Saturday, January 19, 2013

Coffee Script for the Microsoft Soul

So the CoffeeScript... It looks cool, it sounds cool, it kind of makes sense, it's everything but one - it is impossible to understand how to get started. It literally took me 6 hours before the world has heard my first "Hello". After perfectly designed, scrupulously executed and very visually appealing Knockout.JS tutorials (kudos! kudos!) it was the most bitter disappointment. All resources I went through jumped straight to the code of wicked cleverness and elegance but were missing one tiny small simple thing - to show how the damn CoffeeScript reference syntax should look like in the HTML page!...
I am not that Node.js-inclined yet and  and for long miserable hours I began regretting to belong to an inferior race of .NET developers. Unlikely light shed from IBM: the truly My First Cup of CoffeeScript. At least I've seen some code working.
Now about the tools. At the time I am stuck with Visual Studio 2010 on Windows XP (so no Visual Studio 2012 for me!). "Cool stuff can be done only with cool tools" says I and looks for non-Microsoft alternatives. Unfortunately WebStorm did not work well for me. The code got a proper syntax highlight but that's about it - I couldn't make it compile and community offered me to learn Node.js, command-line tools and Voodoo craft. Thankfully to an  excellent Mindscape plugin Visual Studio 2010 got coffinated without a hitch (did not get highlighting yet). At least now I am finally on the road.


Chris Barrow said...

You are drinking too much coffee. What about Dart and TypeScript?

Node.js rocks dude. Stick with it.

Michael Goldobin said...

No coffee for me! I've already decided that I am not using it in production - waste of time, JavaScript syntax is pretty good by on its own.

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