Friday, July 13, 2012

HTML5: What are we waiting for?

HTML5 final specification is scheduled to arrive in 2022. It is expected that W3 Consortium can come up with a core feature cut by 2014.
All this is not really important for cool kids freelance or startup developers who usually selecting emerging platforms for production application long before than clients will be absolutely comfortable with that.
But should enterprise developers and architects be waiting? Form my experience it is not a question of personal confidence or courage but rather ability to sell the technology up to the management and down to the business. In HTML5 case there is not yet much reliable (hence: mentionable in "CEO Magazine" or "CTO Weekly") arguments to help the big-corp-dwelling technology pioneers push the idea. I came across a Gartner Inc.'s "HTML5 and the Journey to the Modern Web" review and I know that the Big Guys trust Gartner reviews (and favour Gartner Magic Quadrants in sales and vision presentations).
And in short words the review says "Yes, we can":
- Pieces of HTML5 are available now and usable, with the WebKit be the de-facto standard to strive for (sorry, Internet Explorer and Firefox kind of fall out).
- While HTML5 and its specification evolve it is wise to rely on frameworks and toolkits with the highest community support rather than using new APIs directly.

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