Monday, April 18, 2011

The Crazy Project

I believe that learning is only effective when it is forced on you by a real need. So far the most efficient learning experience I remember was stimulated by a lunch-and-learn session, where I was supposed to deliver a topic I had no previous knowledge on. The session was scheduled to happen a week after I was notified about it, so since then I am expert in aware of existence of Design Patterns.
Armed with that experience I decided to use technologies, new to me, in my next project (thankfully, relatively small). I am Web Form/SQL Server/Subversion junky so the following was brought in to widen my horizons: Workflow Foundation 4.0 as a back-end engine, MVC 3 Razor as a front-end and Raven DB as a database storage. To cap it up the project will be stored in Mercurial SCR. The only treat I’ve allowed myself is the usage of the excellent (as usual) Windows shell extension – TortoiseHg.
A couple of days into the project it works as expected – deadline is approaching, I am panicking. Hopefully, the sweet fruits of knowledge will follow…

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Anonymous said...

I like your braveness.

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