Thursday, October 08, 2009

Google Reader anniversary cleaning

No, they not turning 18 this month… It is mine two years of aggregating blogs with Google Reader and I must do the cleaning.

I’ve noticed that with time my list accumulates subscriptions which I rarely, if ever, read. Just one nice post or more often somebody’s recommendation makes me add the blog and nothing else. And it has obvious negative implications: my almost inexistent will-power gives up immediately as I see 200 unread messages waiting. I postpone it and next day additional 200 make it even less encouraging.
Then eventually I come to my senses and invent some kind of system to put away at least. First go those which don’t have new posts within last month (mine would fall in this category more often than not), then those which not interesting anymore (like I’ve lost interest in Joel Spolsky’s internal company news some time ago) and then those which topic lays away from my professional are of interests (that excludes travel and photography blogs, although I neither).

This time I will be doing something radically new – my goal is to eliminate 25% of subscriptions and keep it that way. If new blog comes along – one of the old ones should give it’s way. Unless I soften up and just add it again. Till the next anniversary.

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