Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quality and seniority

Another good article from J. B. – on a software quality. Similar to the Marxist Law of Transformation the development culture can reach a point at which driving forces behind quality/speed relation switch places: at first, rushing can hurt quality, but as soon as you’ve taken the barrier – increasing quality is able to speed up the development.

And how can we get super-sonic? By nurturing real seniority:

I wouldn’t agree though with necessity of changing employers in order to grow – you can find a place for yourself to be the worst from time to time within same company.

P.S. I like looking at the pictures better than reading and I happy to see that bloggers trying to keep up to par with R.I.P. Kathy Sierra’s blog

Neglecting blog for a good reason

Non-writing can be very easily excused: it may be because you stuck with a give-me-a-mercy-killing company which dries your will out and you sunk in dull routines where imagination is simply not welcomed. It may be a they-are-so-awesome company, which keeps you freaking busy and you just hooked up with all learning they inspire you to engage in.

And you can just be one lazy hog.

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