Thursday, September 11, 2008


Apparently SOA goes WOA in JEE/.NET through JSR311 & WCF with REST TBA while SOAP MIA.

Good news, IMHO. Oh, BTW FYI.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Configurable deployment of deployable configuration. Part II

Mark Needham (of ThoughtWorks) had a nice post about configuring builds for different environments. Very clean and elegant approach and a great addition to my collection!

Update: and another two about per-user configuration and overriding properties.

Monday, September 01, 2008

The Agile Overdose

Do you follow the Agile Movement? Do you like some of the recent trends?

The problem, I sense, arises from the obvious fact, that more and more dedicated Agilists have moved from an actual development trenches to a coaching and high-level consulting. The agile coach is getting perceived as a spiritual leader, much like a Commissar in the Soviet Army. As such he does not have an assigned delivery, does not code or design architecture, so he uses his idle time to take agile theories off the ground and "develop" them out of the proportions. Inevitably they progress from the more or less fair "Design Up Front is Harmful" to derailed "Requirements are Harmful" and "Don't Let Clients Influence the Project" hallucinations. Pass me that butt, dude! I saw that "Estimations are Harmful" and going to the trip to "Code is Harmful" country!

[Note] If you think, that I am exaggerating then search Google yourself. I had all "practices" linked, but decided to be polite and not to point a finger.

Maybe I am mistaken and those guys are sober. Then, I guess, it's all about money. The community has said whatever it could, news are not so new anymore and a lot of companies, which wanted Agile process implemented, already did so. Now the army of coaches agielistas has to compete for the clients by inventing one buzzy theory after another. Personally, I would like to keep my faith in humanity and believe in the mushroom version.

P.S. BTW, same thing is happening within a blogging community. Quite a few reputed IT bloggers have recently "outgrown" simple development. Didn't you notice that too?

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