Thursday, August 21, 2008

Things that Every Software Architect Should Know

There is always something around that you must know to become (or to stay) a good professional. How can you find it out? Follow a trusted advice. I just love the Scott Hanselman's "Weekly Source Code" crusade, though rarely able to follow the 100% of the implied beauty, but that's the whole reason why I like it.

Imagine my anxiety when RSS reader brought the "97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know" article. Holy @$%#, 97! What a fount of wisdom must it be! Surprisingly, the article didn't contain 97 Things. Not even the original 10 Things. It was merely the announcement of the upcoming "Beautiful Code Or Whatever" book from O'Reilly. I assume that the book will be a product of collective email list wisdom, much like the Spolsky's "Best Software Writing". It seems to be an accepted practice so I have nothing against that. But if you weren't the original email list subscriber, it's too bad. You can't just get those 97 Things - it's proprietary now. Buy the book.

P.S. All right, all right, it's exaggeration. Some of the Axioms are available, though quite a bit of them are questionable and I wouldn't buy a book which they make into.

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