Thursday, July 03, 2008

Programming geniuses and death by risk aversion

When you read about architecture astronautics and programming geniuses it seems like a good idea to keep an eye on creativity outbursts. There is some popular medicine out there like KISS and YAGNI which can help you cope with that insane yearning for Yet Another Framework.

But as usual the coin has two sides: you still need to empower your users with innovations. Setting computer dreamers free will result in stagnation as their heavy all-inclusive solutions are difficult to maintain and difficult to advance. The more effort is put into the particular architecture, the more people are hesitant to take the risk of making radical changes or let it go altogether, so eventually the solution becomes more obstacle than enabler.

If there is a ready recipe to mix evolution and revolution successfully it most likely is heavily guarded by the corporation which got filthy rich implementing it.

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