Thursday, July 31, 2008

Don't you hate DEMOs?

You've heard about jolly good presentation, which you missed, to your deepest regret. But luckily a downloadable version is available, so you go there, get it, run and... Cripes! The page, promising the "self-explanatory code which will make it all clear for you" is followed by an empty one with a big fat "DEMO" and nothing else.

90% of Microsoft presentation seems to be like that - it is like there is a corporate standard enforced. Presenter could spend two/thirds of the the time, presenting the code, but still do not include code snippets in the presentation itself or at least accompany online version with the source code.

Please, don't do that.

P.S. Newly adopted screencasts suffer from the same problem, but there is joint fault of both presenter and operator. It is even more annoying to stare at the presenter while he is pointing out how "this class is neatly mapped with this tricky instance". Please, don't do that too.

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Chris Barrow said...

Good point. Too bad MS won't listen, but then again, is anyone really better?

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