Monday, July 21, 2008

Clean, Lola, clean!

The CCleaner tool is the best friend of a contractor when it is time to leave.
Also it is useful on a daily basis. I just figured out (after a year of procrastinating) what needs to be tweaked in the settings in order to avoid the annoying disappearance of the Window Explorer settings. You know, when the sorting, appearance, etc. used to be set as you like - and suddenly it's all gone?


If you like it squeaky clean - go ahead, check all boxes, but leave the Window Size/Location Cache out.

Awesome, awesome tool (a rightful nominee of the SH2007UDPUTL for Windows list). I've just run it after a three day break and it has found a 68 Mb of trash.

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Chris Barrow said...

Agreed. Great tool. Thanks for the recommendation. It is amazing how much file junk is left on a hard drive even if you believe you run a tight ship on your hard drive.

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