Friday, June 06, 2008

Introverted Programming: So what the Japanese management model really teaches us?

Not so far ago I've read a not-so interesting opinion on one forum which traditionally criticizes any kind of management style. It has inspired some thinking and this rarity needed to be captured.

We are used so much to invoke a Japan's authority in a business efficiency - but hardly look beyond the magic of events. Of course - agile this and agile that, lean development, kanban and just in time manufacturing - it all seems to work. But if you think about the organization of The Japanese Firm - what first comes to your mind? Loyalty. Not in a sense of Omerta code but rather in a sense of people identifying themselves with The Company and perceive their employment as a lifetime commitment.

So where I am going at? Maybe there is no mystery. Knowing the devotion and remembering that career advancement in Japanese company traditionally based on seniority, it is safe to assume that the vast majority of management in all levels is home-brewed. And likely their success comes from the deep understanding of the business area and processes (which they've being growing through) rather than from mere formal education (which they perfect nevertheless) or magic business techniques (which they invent and employ based on their expertise).

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