Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mac vs. PC - so what's the deal?

It is interesting that PC-world haven't got back to Apple for those Mac vs. PC commercials (Update: I was wrong - they did). Partially, I guess, it is because there is no such monolithic entity as evil PC empire - so the campaign  is more like "Mac vs. Everybody". But there is another side of that: Apple has never worked harder in favor of PC. Put all commercials together - what do you see?

Doesn't it look like Apple is actually arguing for the choice


One could retort that ads can easily impress turtle-neck-sweater-wearing-latté-drinking designer dudes, who run their Photoshop on Macs anyway. And that's cool - I'd trade my PC for Mac any time if I would be rendering pictures all day. But the corporate CIOs do not need to be reminded about PC troubleshooting - they trust that with their engineers PC problems are easy come and easy go.

So as a result the ads, witty they are, actually developed totally undesired by Apple perception:


OK, OK, not only artists run Macs - I know a whole bunch of deadly efficient (.NET/Ruby/C++/Just-Name-It) developers who use MacBooks. But interesting, what are the most popular applications for Mac, aside of Opera browser? I dare to surmise Boot Camp or Parallels. I even bet that you would find them on a majority of die-hard Maceteers' computers.

And corporations are evil, anyway, so who cares about what those CIOs think? It's all about users and their freedom! I support Jeff Atwood in his quest for the fair product.


And another omission from Mac marketers - Mac is portrayed as a leisure-time computer (I just afraid to think where that Japanese-camera girl took a picture from). C'mon! Don't you have something else to do after work? Or have friends who you can listen instead of iPod?


And at the bottom line - Mac compares itself with PC, but in reality PC has no face. It's not fair. When we are to compare hardware with hardware and soft with soft so we should do this:

compare personality:


or efficiency:

Also it all was happening already - in 1996. Where the Apple Inc. ended up shortly after?

P.S. Mac is OK, really. As well as PC. And there is no real difference between them to be zealot about.

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