Thursday, May 29, 2008

Setting up (or getting back) a default browser

Once you installed Firefox and made it default browser, it will be tricky to let Internet Explorer step back in. It is formidable achievement - to defeat Microsoft own on it's home grounds, but it may be a little bit annoying, especially for a debugging.

So here is how you can help this poor Microsoftee to gain its glory back (system and Visual Studio settings are independent of each other):

1. For the system (at least for Win XP):

Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs -> Set Program Access and Defaults -> Custom (this double chevron on the right side ) -> choose a default Web browser

Just be aware that the Firefox, pertinacious it is, will add itself back to the Quick Launch menu as soon as it will become default again.

2. For the Visual Studio:

First, you have to switch to any aspx (or ascx) layout file.

"File" menu -> "Browser with..." -> set a default browser of your choice.

Enjoy the powers of "Lord of the Windows".

P.S. All is intermingled in this world. If you tried to get yourself rid of that annoying Windows Update "Reboot Now - Or Die From Chafing" popup - beware, the Automated Update service will restart after Internet Explorer is made default browser for the system and continue to nag you.

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