Friday, May 16, 2008

.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Beta 1 - use some non-beta stuff today

One of the aspect of shiny tomorrow is going to be Ajax Script Combining Support - very nice feature no doubt it will be. If you ever fired the Firebug while debugging ASP.NET Ajax Control Toolkit (which I like more and more every day), you probably saw quite a few scripts being pumped up from the server. This is how the load looks with just one Autocomplete Extender:

But fear not - you don't have to wait for the full Service Pack release and you don't have to suffer with crippled Betas. The script combining functionality is already available in a stable form - through the ASP.NET Ajax Control Toolkit. ToolkitScriptManager class inherits from the standard ScriptManager and efficienlty eliminates multiple requests, combining scripts which express willingness to be combined in the form of a ScriptCombineAttribute.
This is the same page with TooliktScriptManager replacing a ScriptManager:

We saved a quarter-second for page with just for one control - how much Ajax-junkies will gain?

Now back to the Service Pack 1. Initially I though that ASP.NET team just ported a brilliant Toolkit-guys idea into the upgrade. But from the preview it looks like they did their own ScriptManager extension. New ScriptManager seems to provide more detailed adjustment while TooliktScriptManager is much simpler and elegant. It is too early to say and there is no way I would install Beta from Microsoft again.

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