Sunday, May 04, 2008

ASP.NET Ajax control toolkit vs. VS 2008

If you plan to use some Ajax in your ASP.NET web project, even if you not sure, - just make an Ajax Control Toolkit installation your very first step. In fact - do it as the very first step for any project, just in case - drug any control to the default.aspx. In 50% cases you'll get the error message "The operation could not be complete. Invalid FORMATETC structure". Very informative, and Google doesn't help much.

It is scary that there are Microsoft very own MVP's among frustrated posters and there is no single question answered. Oops, my bad, - there are answers; this one worked (the only): "Scrap your project and start new one, making the Toolkit test your very first step. If failing again - start new project". Nice. BTW - it is the same for VS 2005, so problem was around for a while. So basically, if you do not wish to spend, like me, half an hour in swearing, while porting semi-complicated structure to the new project, - just be a smart boy and try the Ajax Toolkit as a first step.

Another sour disappointment in Microsoft quality - the Microsoft-style open-source. Looks like a bunch of MVP's, who herded up for ASP.NET Ajax library initially, lost their interest. I haven't seen any visible activity on the site for a while and the latest installation instructions happily ignore even Orcas. That's why I am a little bit skeptical about all this new buzz. Smart boys are playing with their new toys - good for them, but we - mortals down here, are supplied from the Microsoft soulless production floor (where just drones are). So you should either do not care or try Toolkit (or MVC, or Dynamic Data), starting your project, just in case.


Chris Barrow said...

Go Ruby. Nice and restful :)

Unknown said...

Yes the Microsoft Guys sucks.. I wasted like an hour trying to figure out why the Toolkit isnt showing up. Thanks for your post.

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