Sunday, April 20, 2008

They're watching us...

There is some kind of weird genetic conspiracy present, I swear. I have those small, really small black flies in my office (fruit flies?), completely harmless non-disgusting (you can't really see more than a flying dot) things. My daughter always lives apple bits and grape brushes so they can survive. I practice catching them in the air and got already pretty good at this - I need just 1.25 strikes in average.

What weird about all this (except the fact that I am blogging about it) is there is always just one fly in the air. Like there is some kind of kamikaze airfield and squadrons are waiting on the runway to take off one at the time when the comrade has fallen.

Always. Just one. Immediately replaced by another. I am sure I killed it.

And The Voice told me that it has noticed it too...

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