Saturday, April 19, 2008

Make it happen, stop the waste

One of the most important mantras of the "Waste elimination": Make it work, Make it right, Make it fast. Following the word of Agile Development and Good Practices I couldn't help but notice that developers, freshly "awaken" to The Truth, have trouble to follow these three Commandments in the right order - including me. 
The "work" and "right" balance is confusing. When you just got all the power of unit testing in your hands it is very easy to be carried away from "just enough" approach. I am not talking about "just-in-case" features here - only about over-polishing. People get stuck perfecting their code while the resulting package is stalled or kept unstable and managers couldn't resist but blame the Agile for an increased development time.

Keeping "make it fast" the very last makes sense - until you will have had some statistics from a live application you very likely will waste time, fixing wrong parts which do not affect performance and potentially even missing a real performance hole. Developers can be are smart and experienced enough to anticipate and predict clogs but nevertheless it is a good idea to merely keep an eye on possible bottlenecks and put a minimal efforts eliminating them just for now.

Oh, and you can reduce the time waste even outside the office - fast-forward through the boring parts of life.

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