Saturday, April 12, 2008

FSDL - what's that?

How do you get incentive to read and learn from a job posting?
It should be a good encouraging posting. And what makes the posting good (aside of the "$105/hour")?

It shouldn't list all the technologies which recruiter just googled while typing.
It shouldn't require an "Expert knowledge of MS Sequal Server 2000-2008".
It better not invite to the "fast-paced and dynamic environment" which is just a lacquer cover of a permanent disaster recovery death-marching.
It should be vacancy from the visible innovative company.
It should emphasize dedication to the certain development practices over the proficiency in the certain development tools.
It should fit your skill set 100%.
And nevertheless it should discourage you from applying by requiring an "excellent understanding of FSDL", even with the "best development practices".

Done. I am all over the Internet, looking it up. I skipped "Fédération des Syndicats Dentaires Libéraux" and "Fantasy Sports Dynasty League" and dug into the Frogans Slide Description Language.

One day I will see RoR requirement for a Senior .NET Developer and will finally find a willpower to move past the Pickaxe's Chapter 2.

This is how smart companies could spread innovation even through a job board.

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