Friday, April 25, 2008

The blog I most sorely miss

It was a year already without the Kathy Sierra's blog - my temple of inspiration, taken away from me so untimely.

I always envied her amusing charts(is there some kind of software for that?) and it was giving me ideas for my shamelessly secondary presentations (which people happened to like). The Zombie Function helped me to cope with the 8-hour "How we can increase meetings efficiency" department meeting. After Stop Your Presentation I got rid of freshly created slides so auditorium suffered less while I was expounding my ridiculously wrong (at the time!) version of the Continuous Integration algorithm. I did my fair share of Just-In-Case learning but seeing the problem recognized helped me with my therapy and I am clean now (seriously, sir, I am OK. Just the last Ruby book and I quit). Head First books are still amazing.

Blog was good, pictures were good.

So long.

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