Monday, April 21, 2008

Adding XHTML Friends Network tags to your site

Jut another Web 2.1 feature - XFN - XHTML Friends Network tagging. It may grow up into the some kind of Friendorati network, it may not. I like that it inserts nice tiny pictures and shows some personal relations with people you writing about. Doing that why do not do it with some standard?

First - the CSS file (I think it belongs to the Phil Haack).

Second - the linking standard: <a class="xfnRelationship" rel="guru" style="position: relative;" title="Just an example" href="" />

And last but not least - nice images:

friends Friends as a monolithic group
colleague, co-worker Colleague who you have no idea about
colleague-met Colleague who you met (hurray!)
friend Friend (colleague in T-shirt)
friend-met Friend who you met
guru Perfect way to annoy people by marking them as minor geek celebritiesMartin Fowler) and to point out humbly that you met The guy
spouse Spouse (that's right - handcuffs :)
sweetheart If you use "spouse" tag, I would avoid publishing this one
sweetheart-met Aggravating circumstance
child Surprisingly there is no picture for a child-met tag
parent I guess when Friendorati will unfold, families will use these tags to find their own
XFN This blog is XFN-compliant


Chris Barrow said...

Does this help to improve your lackluster GUI design skills? :)

Michael Goldobin said...

Definitely! CSS doesn't look that scary anymore (and those who knew it don't look that superiorly smart neither)

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