Friday, August 31, 2007

Windows Genuine Software Crap®

Damn, do I have a low tolerance to the Microsoft® marketing tricks nowadays. They sell you a notebook with pre-installed Vista Home Premium®, which is crappiest® OS I've seen since Windows 95® pre-SE and tell you that, of course, you can buy it clean but it's not gonna affect the price. They evidently give exactly that Membership Provider part, which you're most interested in, to the stupidest® intern in the team, who forgets un-comment property, so providing True or False to the constructor doesn't make any difference. Of course, of course, they cut the cost by cutting QAs while project BAs have never been a Microsoft® top priority.

And finally, the ingenious piece of corporate brainwork - Windows Genuine Software® checker. Great, - it didn't work for my perfectly LEGITIMATE Windows Server 2003®. I couldn't download an important patch, because it kept failing and complaining that this system is not supported. I saw this thing fly on pirated® systems (not mine, I've just cast a glance at computers of some naughty, naughty people, who had long since been cured and own legitimate copies now) but why it can't reward me® - such a genuine LEGITIMATE user?!

OK, you don't like me - I don't like you: there is a way to avoid this nastiness (when you're rightly frustrated over your LEGITIMATE software) and here is a community answer to the corporate greed® and stupidity®: Greasemonkey + script.

I am confident that information provided in this post will not be used for anything but Cultural Learnings of Legitimate Software for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Microsoft®.

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