Friday, August 10, 2007

Resharper 3.0 has memory leaks?

Somehow it seems that after installing Resharper 3.0 my computer started chocking on multiple instances of Visual Studio opened. I assume that VS stacks some information while being used but it never was a problem before - the memory usage seemed to be capped. Now if not recycled routinely, the memory utilization grows enormously - right now I have two VS instances open and they occupy more than a 900Mb in total and it's still increasing.
Also I noticed that after few days working with ASP HTML layout become unbearably slow and it definitely looks like Resharper is struggling to provide Intellisense.
I won't give up on Resharper anyway, but is this really a case? Has someone experienced the same?
UPDATE: Another suspect is TestDriven.NET. So the Resharper maybe innocent after all...
.NET Frameworks, their patches and Silverlight Betas are the usual suspects.
UPDATE: It is a Resharper. With possible help from .NET components but definitely not a TestDriven.NET. Looks like there are some problems with Intellisense which Resharper tries to provide for HTML layout...


Jamie said...

I haven't heard of TestDriven.Net causing memory leaks before. If you think there may be an issue, don't hesitate to drop me a line:

Michael Goldobin said...

Even if there is an issue with TestDriven.NET, I am pretty sure it is not caused by it alone - most likely some kind of combination with the rest of patches and tools I have installed.
I have Resharper 3.0 an all latest Microsoft patches, including both Silverlihghts.

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