Sunday, July 08, 2007

Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Projects and Windows Vista. Duh!

The problem:

The ASP.NET can not be debugged properly under Vista (Home Premium?) IIS7.

The bitching:

Microsoft rushes too much. Maybe it is all result of the H1B visa situation (US government was bribed by Apple!) which they try to resolve with new Vancouver development center. In this case it better be a new QA center, as they have already enough clumsy developers and not enough QA personnel. And Technical Writing center would be nice to have too. An article which is supposed to help with your Vista-related problems recommends to install "IIS 6 Compatibility Layer" 8 times between 600 lines without a single link to the software or instruction...

The solution:

Read this, this and this to educate yourself or just install this patch (the related article is still not available, of course) and enjoy long missing debugging.

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