Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yippee ki yay!

I can't believe it, - Apple has missed the best spot for its money!
Two Mac dudes - permanently scratched McClane Willis and inarticulate Justin "Mac" Long, are saving the free world from a high-tech terrorist (who, I bet, is surfing the Internet with a Vista PC).
But why, why, why this formidable adversary is not played by John Hodgman?! 20th Century Fox and Apple would save tons of money on their budgets and impressed hordes would march straight from the theatres to iMac stores!

Oh, and if you wonder why, despite buying a Mac, you are still not cool - there is always a room for perfection :)


Chris Barrow said...

What the heck are you smoking today my friend... :)

Michael Goldobin said...

By the way - I am considering the recommended Mac outfit. It's cheaper than iMac.

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